[crux-commits] ports/contrib (3.6): [notify] pipewire: exchanged default dependency from alsa-lib to alsa-utils; added a more informative README in markdown format

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Sun Feb 21 16:16:35 UTC 2021

commit f8f7781a9433748c203598b063a898a3e556e535
Author: Tim Biermann <tbier at posteo.de>
Date:   Sun Feb 21 16:16:23 2021 +0000

    [notify] pipewire: exchanged default dependency from alsa-lib to alsa-utils; added a more informative README in markdown format

diff --git a/pipewire/.signature b/pipewire/.signature
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-SHA256 (Pkgfile) = f00e738790b81d6af6358acef87c0874e5d84d07acbe59382a9085c019df4bae
+SHA256 (Pkgfile) = e90ceba4565434dc812c1c86ba6deb186a0703821f368e7befb15c7be540a735
 SHA256 (.footprint) = 7e74c211d0bec1a4c4157a1e1b0ea8d1ef37a17ed4c00eaebd01114c9bff6800
 SHA256 (pipewire-0.3.22.tar.gz) = 5db2caf41af79cd9e343d07a3804c63b8b243c1d74e926181058e29771d4b691
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 # Description: Server and user space API to deal with multimedia pipelines
 # URL: https://pipewire.org
 # Maintainer: Tim Biermann, tbier at posteo dot de
-# Depends on: alsa-lib dbus fdk-aac ffmpeg glib gnutls lame libva libvpx libwebp x264 x265
+# Depends on: alsa-utils dbus fdk-aac ffmpeg glib gnutls lame libva libvpx libwebp x264 x265
 # Optional: alsa-ucm-conf bluez gst-plugins-base jack pulseaudio libldac libopenaptx v4l2 vulkan-loader
diff --git a/pipewire/README b/pipewire/README
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-pipewire needs pulseaudio to be built with xorg-libxtst around to have the
-pulseaudio portal available
+contrib/pipewire how to
+# Intro
+`pipewire` is a modern multimedia server. Quoting gentoo wiki, it's strenghts are:
+>  -  Minimal latency capture/playback of audio and video
+>  -  Real-time multimedia processing
+>  -  Multi-process architecture allowing multimedia content sharing between applications
+>  -  Seamless support for PulseAudio, JACK, ALSA, and GStreamer
+>  -  applications sandboxing support with Flatpak
+Getting `pipewire` to run is relatively easy on `CRUX`. This is a simple guide and relies on further reading upon official and unofficial resources.
+This might also be considered a WIP entry. You can help by sharing your experiences and thoughts.
+# Prerequisites
+ - working kernel with alsa audio
+ - `opt/alsa-utils` will be installed by default as a dependency and needs to be configured by the user
+ - currently, pipewires default config makes use of `opt/alsa-ucm-conf`, consider installing that alongside the default dependency `opt/alsa-utils`
+## Optional prerequisites:
+ - pipewire needs pulseaudio to be built with xorg-libxtst around to have the pulseaudio portal available
+   - `prt-get depinst xorg-libxtst && prt-get update -fr pulseaudio`
+ - please look at `contrib/pipewire/Pkgfile` for further optional dependencies listed and rebuild the package after installing new optional dependencies
+# Running pipewire
+`pipewire` will always leverage `alsa`, so you should configure that first. Use `alsactl store` to store those settings, and configure `/etc/rc.conf` to start `/etc/rc.d/alsa` by default. While you are in `rc.conf`, make sure you start `/etc/rc.d/dbus` too, if you haven't already.
+  - [Official ALSA wiki](https://alsa-project.org/wiki/Main_Page)
+  - [Gentoo wiki](https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/ALSA)
+  - [Arch wiki](https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Advanced_Linux_Sound_Architecture)
+Currently, pipewires default config format might always change, so it is advised to keep an eye on `rejmerge` to keep your configs updated.
+The default config can be modified in directly `/etc/pipewire`. The configuration of `/etc/pipewire` can be copied over to `$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/pipewire-media-session`, which should most likely point you to `$HOME/config/pipewire-media-session`.
+Normally, you wouldn't need to change anything to run `pipewire` as an a/v-server, so in the simplest setup it should suffice to run `/usr/bin/pipewire` from a users shell or script (for example I have this in my `i3` config: `exec "/usr/bin/pipewire"`), just make sure that whatever session you are running will be executed as a `dbus-user-session` too (for example from my `~/.xinitrc`: `exec dbus-run-session -- i3`)
+## Running pipewire-pulse as a pulseaudio-server
+If you are a `pulseaudio`-user, make sure it won't autostart with your session. For `pipewire` to handle `pulse-clients`, you will need to run `/usr/bin/pipewire-pulse` as well. Verify that it is working with `pactl info` which should now report: `Server Name: PulseAudio (on PipeWire 0.3.22)`. Now you can use tools like `contrib/pavucontrol` or `contrib/ncpamixer` to control your typical sources and sink settings, ports like `opt/firefox-bin` and whatever else uses `pulseaudio` should work ootb for you too.
+## Running jack applications through pipewire
+to be expanded
+# Further configuration and fine-tuning
+To help configuring, consider reading through the following resources alongside the extensive comments in the default config:
+ - [Official pipewire wiki](https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/pipewire/pipewire/-/wikis/home)
+ - [Advanced Configuration notes by jasker5183 (pipewire dev)](https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/jasker5183/test/-/blob/master/Advanced%20Configuration.md)
+ - [Arch wiki](https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PipeWire)
+ - [Gentoo wiki](https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/PipeWire)
+# tl;dr
+"I don't have any time to read up on stuff myself, tell me what I need to do right now to get this hot mess!" -some user
+ - install `prt-get depinst pipewire`
+ - optional: `prt-get depinst xorg-libxtst pulseaudio` et al
+ - execute while executing your X11/Wayland-Session: `/usr/bin/pipewire`
+ - optional: execute in addition to have pulseaudio-server support: `/usr/bin/pipewire-pulse`
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+// End of file

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