[Clc-contrib] I returned.

Jose Luis Pavón Pavón jolupa at ya.com
Wed Oct 12 17:12:24 UTC 2005

I send I message to James a few days ago, telling him that, due to work
dates, I'll be not using CRUX for a long time but that is not true.
I arrived to the new work, and they have installed an Ubuntu
distro.... :( after to days playing and installing things without a root
permission I decided to change the 3 machines in the work to CRUX.

I return to maintain my packages and be active to clc-contrib if you

In other things, and after installing Evolution, with a lot of
dependencies, that looking in the Evolution website, I think are
worthless. I reached the need to make the dependencie field in the
Pkgfile to be more accurate, and try to make the Pkgfile the most
universal we can.

Just thinking.

Thank You.
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