[Clc-contrib] New contributor

Mark Rosenstand mark at borkware.net
Wed Apr 5 16:12:12 UTC 2006


I've been bugging CRUX maintainers with suggestions and patches for a 
while now, so I figured it's time to start letting them get on my 
nerves, too :-)

I only plan to add a couple of ports to start with, but don't expect the 
number to increase dramatically:

- akode
- armagetronad
- autofs (later on, needs cruxification)
- cmake
- dvdrtools
- hotplug-ng
- lynx (BASICS!!11)

The full list of duplicates, small libraries (for personal projects), 
bloated package managers (I love studying those) and other weird stuff 
is available at http://crux.nu/portdb/?command=viewrepo&name=mark - if 
there's any interest in any of them in addition to the listed ones, I'm 
obviously ready to do an extra maintenance effort on those, too.

Given that lynx is one of the proposed additions, consider it 
non-optional to add this repository ;-)

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