[Clc-contrib] request for contrib inclusion

Mikhail Kolesnik mike at openbunker.org
Sat Apr 22 14:14:50 UTC 2006


I guess, am not the only CRUX user, who just use official core+opt,
contrib, [gnome|kde] and his own ports. However not all common apps are
there. If everyone'll start their own (probably - mostly duplicate)
repos...  And this is what is happening =(

Here is a list of ports I want to start with, and to add to contrib at
the moment: 
 synaptics        (Synaptics/Alps touchpad driver for x11)
 fsam7440-console (useful only for one laptop model)
 ckermit          (classic serial communication software)

I am not asking for pcmciautils as it will appear in opt some day.

It would be nice if someone will examine ports listed above. Any
suggestions and remarks are always welcome.

The primary source is: http://www.openbunker.org/crux/ports/mike/
But note, there are ports which will never go in contrib because they
are private and... well, some of them are really ugly. I've removed
some duplicates as well.

I know it might be too early to contribute, but listed ports are trivial
and, I think, useful enough.

Mikhail Kolesnik
ICQ: 260259143
IRC: mike_k at freenode/#crux, rusnet/#yalta
Jabber: mike_k at jabber.lafox.net
NIC handle: MKK83-UANIC

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