[Clc-contrib] request for contrib inclusion

Mikhail Kolesnik mike at openbunker.org
Sat Apr 22 19:44:38 UTC 2006

Hello, Johannes.

On Sat, 22 Apr 2006 17:34:42 +0200
Johannes Winkelmann <jw at tks6.net> wrote:

> The ports look good to me, the one thing which made me wonder are the
>   "install -D -o 0 -g 0"
> commands. Is there a particular reason you specify those? Both when
> building as root or with fakeroot, this should automatically be the
> case.
Trying to remember... I think, I've used such things just copy-pasted
from one of Makefiles and then reused the same syntax. As a side effect
this also prevents (not fakerooted) port building process by user, as
he can not set file's uid & gid to zero. Ok, removed "-o 0 -g 0".
> Missing dep for /tmp/mike/devilspie: libwnck
> Missing dep for /tmp/mike/ppp: libcap
> Missing dep for /tmp/mike/slmodem: alsa-libs
Very strange, as all this deps are listed and the ports are definitely
synced. crux.nu's ports db also lists these deps.

As about "hardcoded sf mirror" - I constantly get errors from their
redirection mechanism... But, as this is gonna be used by someone else
I'll fix it.

> Mike, thanks for your submission!
> Best regards, Johannes
Johannes & Co, thanks for great distro and opportunity to contribute.

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