[Clc-contrib] request for contrib inclusion

Mikhail Kolesnik mike at openbunker.org
Sun Apr 23 21:25:50 UTC 2006

Hello, Oleksiy.

On Sun, 23 Apr 2006 19:06:17 +0300
"Oleksiy V. Khilkevich" <centericq at ukr.net> wrote:

>> Missing dep for /tmp/mike/devilspie: libwnck
>> Missing dep for /tmp/mike/ppp: libcap
>> Missing dep for /tmp/mike/slmodem: alsa-libs
> First two are from jaeger's gnome repository
> and alsa-libs should be probably alsa-lib.
Lame me! slmodem dep adjusted. 

ppp dependency is a typo too, should be 'libpcap' and is
somewhat optional... Fixed. (Note, it is a sort of port that will never
appear in contrib.)

I think it is not essential to resolve devilspie's dependency (ask
jaeger include libwnck in contrib?) before I'll want to '.sync'
devilspie. Am I right?

So many mistakes - I should be more pedantic. But for now there are only
few ports on my first-term list... hope no caveats with them.

> I've checked your ports and rise both my hands for
> you.
Really thanks.

Sourceforge surprises me a lot. Now trying to make $source
mirror-independent, but some (not all) packages still can not be
downloaded directly from dl.sourceforge.net

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