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Oleksiy V. Khilkevich centericq at ukr.net
Thu Jan 12 10:03:09 UTC 2006

Hi, Alan!

Does the reply to me means that I should also advocate you? :-)
In any case, there some points to note:
- some of your ports have no .footprint or even .md5sum files
- in nss_ldap port are redundant deps

i've found that nss and libsasl2 deps are redundant, at least nss - it's  
currently a Mozilla Network Security Services from opt
Also I was not able to find libsasl2 in core/opt/contrib as soon as in  
your repo, so one can be confused installing nss_ldap. I've installed  
nss_ldap some time ago and founf that is completely useable without  

Originally Alan Mizrahi wrote:

> I want to join too.
> I have a httpup based repository in http://www.mizrahi.com.ve/crux/pkgs/.
> For now I have only tagged the following ports:
> openoffice-dict-es
> em8300
> nss_ldap
> aspell-es

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