[Clc-contrib] Submission for inclusion in contrib. (predatorfreak)

Brett Goulder predatorfreak at dcaf-security.org
Mon Jan 30 14:54:04 UTC 2006

Hi folks, I'm sending this to get my  httpup repository
(http://pred.dcaf-security.org/ports/) into contrib. Currently
the only tagged ports are pygmy, pympdclient2, empy and libetpan.

Pygmy is a GTK+2 MPD client written in python (using PyGTK)
Empy is a Python templating system, required by pygmy.
Pympdclient2 is a version of mpdclient (for Python) which the Pygmy
developers are working on. It's also a requirement of pygmy.
libetpan is a low-level mail handling library, used by sylpheed-claws
(in 2.0.0 it is required for IMAP support).

Most of the other ports are modifications of other ports, aimed at one
thing or another, such as libpng, which is merely libpng tweaked to
build all-PIC libraries (for the purpose of prelinking).

GnuPG Public key: http://pred.dcaf-security.org/dcafsec-pub-gpgkey.asc

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