[crux-contrib] progress report, contrib maintainer application

Bartlomiej Palmowski maks1k at wp.pl
Wed Apr 30 21:14:28 UTC 2008

    First of all I'd like to thank all of you who gave me positive feedback 
(especially Romster who pointed many things to improve). I made some 
improvements and clean up to my ports which were messy (due to my messy 
nature probably, they are still far from perfect tho), following tilmans 
advice ill point out few ports that i think would be suitable for 
contrib collection (I'd test them earlier in clean environment):

asciidoc, awesome (libconfuse not in core/opt/contrib/xorg), fbgrab, 
nao(fox not in core/opt/contrib/xorg), ncdu, phun, teewars (I've decided 
to go with binary package + simple wrapper script, if there is problem 
with it let me know), tornado, they would be good for the beggining i 

Any constructive criticism well accepted. Special thanks goes to 
Romster, pitillo, sepen, mike_k, tilman.
ps. Im going off town for few days, so i wont be able to irc or receive 
mail until monday (05-05-08).

Bartek Palmowski <Rotwang>

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