[crux-contrib] Contrib maintainer application

Jose V Beneyto sepen at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Jan 22 01:48:45 UTC 2009

Victor Martinez wrote:
> On Wed, 7 Jan 2009 22:10:44 +0000
> sirmacik <sirmacik at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi all!
> Hello Marcin,
>> I would like to apply for a contrib maintainer.
>> I want to contribute with some of my owm ports, You could find it
>> here: http://crux.nu/portdb/?a=repo&q=karpunix and view .footprint and
>> .md5sum files on my github: http://github.com/sirmacik/crux-ports/tree/master
>> I've fall in love with CRUX ;]
>> -- 
I'm glad to have a new contrib candidate ;D
> [...]
> - gparted: Needs p5-xml-parser in its dependencies.
is listed as p5-xml-Parser, so all you need is to avoid capital letters

> - libcegui: Missing files found, I think you are building it with more
> ports installed (mesa3d and lua seem to be missing checking
> your .footprint). Check if they are really dependencies or try to
> adjust your .footprint.
note that libcegui and smc depend on libsilly and you should provide it 
too if you want to keep they on contrib, and same for gparted which 
depends on parted

also some ports can't be placed in contrib due to their deps:
- napi: depends on p7zip which is not listed in core, opt, xorg or contrib
- bashburn: depends on cdrtools which is not listed in core, opt, xorg 
or contrib (also you have a little mistake, so you listed mp123 instead 
of mpg123 ;D)
pyburn: depends on cdrtools too, and also oggdec  which not listed in 
core, opt, xorg or contrib
> I hope this report can be usefull for you. I'm sorry if I missed
> something.
> If you can, try to let us know which ports will be in contrib to make a
> deep check over them. Thank you for your work.
>> Regards, sirmacik (http://sirmacik.lin4all.org)
> Regards, Victor.
Thanks for your application,
    Jose V Beneyto

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