[crux-contrib] contrib/office suite

Bartłomiej Palmowski rotwang at crux.org.pl
Mon Jun 27 18:11:18 UTC 2011

Since no one answered, through acclamation I'm switching to LO, btw.
OOo has been donated by oracle to apache foundation.

W dniu 23 marca 2011 00:11 użytkownik Bartłomiej Palmowski
<rotwang at crux.org.pl> napisał:
> Hi,
> It is about time to think what to do with the open vs. libre office
> issue in contrib. I'm not following closely what is happening in the
> "offices" world, all I know is that libreoffice is heavily developed,
> but openoffice is still under developement and alive. So I see few
> options:
> #1 stay with openoffice,
> #2 switch to libreoffice,
> #3 maintain both in contrib,
> I'm mostly into second option. What do you guys think?
> libreoffice port for reviewing (some dependenciens might be wrong):
> http://crux.org.pl/ports/rotwang/libreoffice/Pkgfile
> httpup sync http://crux.org.pl/ports/rotwang/#libreoffice libreoffice



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