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Tim tbier at posteo.de
Tue Mar 16 23:08:01 UTC 2021

Hi Erich,

first off: I am in favor of more willing and capable hands for contrib
so thanks for your application, you have my vote.

Things I noticed over a short look over your proposed ports: 

 - avr-binutils [1]. It links bugurl to archlinux. It would be nice not
   to do that in contrib ;-)
 - bareos-filedaemon: mainly two things. 
    - source for the ball should be changed to the following:
      even if unlikely with some schemes, but in case the user uses a
      specified directory to download distfiles this might prevent
      troubles with files that have the same name
    - surely cmake syntax is up to personal preference, but recently
      most ports at least changed towards using the following options:
      -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release \
      This allows the package to be built with the flags defined in
      /etc/pkgmk.conf. Not sure if this is a convention or not, but
      might be worth noting. There is roughly the same thing for meson
      projects too.
    - it's set to a "rather old" release, is there a specific reason for
    - can't currently say anything else, but the footprint looks like
      it does the job

Others look okay to me.

Off topic: wow, lazarus :) that's been some time ago for me. pretty
cool to see it's still supported!

Best regards,

[1] https://crux.eckner.net/avr-binutils/Pkgfile
[2] http://www.nongnu.org/avrdude/ and http://sprunge.us/dwrhw3

On Tue, 16 Mar 2021 14:22:58 +0100 (CET)
Erich Eckner <crux at eckner.net> wrote:

> Hash: SHA256
> Hi,
> I'd like to contribute some ports to contrib and possibly also
> maintain some more packages in the future to take some load off other
> shoulders.
> I'm using crux for quite some time (probably around 10 years) and
> have a collection of more or less useful ports for almost 3 years,
> now.
> You can find them at: https://crux.eckner.net
> Of these, I'd like to provide the following for contrib (I'm using
> those regularly myself):
> alpine
> bareos-filedaemon
> bindfs
> hashcash
> lazarus
> moreutils
> pigz
> rxvt-unicode
> sl (ok, I'm not *using* this one regularly, but it works well :-D)
> xorg-xcalc
> I'm also using the following packages occasionally and would be
> willing to provide them for contrib (if "using once every two months"
> is sufficient for good quality):
> avr-binutils
> cdrdao
> ii
> lilypond
> sox
> xmedcon
> btw: I have not yet skimmed through my ports for dependent libraries. 
> These might be missing from the above lists.
> regards,
> Erich
> e1pYYhAAmO05A9PlYjom3pZ79h5wlb6FKbpmKb1nzm9W5TgLV7gv5pItdu/HKGoh
> o5ZXo1P4fqM1kvuKa934zmbXT92CTrz/Hsk2lQQcCdmX8zbroA0KrzEM+iUjUKMf
> FhQ3zy0C5ADv3TinsR0wDiTpLsjXqoyni+tPD1Hdpih83Ed9nVKqoztgJJnwpe3V
> 6rWggiZnseymyJfRvislxKdtTuhKNXGiZ6ImJUifgHS85POE/WQrWFgSzzWgJxlr
> W5WR1tEV475KJiglRYeWo4zw4Ks8TVpUdwBFFQ8FQ7yB5PoV8kSZNxLhHic0M5BN
> aU9fj4gc7Atz3hjsr37j8Akg4dHlKMfGE+u2hH8JV+PCw0z7HTaDOB/DQaxxM0Nm
> hHnhj5Yguzu+JBDuEwlmkzJUonPJ4Fl5yoxkIxoE0y7CCDLM9dJIJgjgdANqpjTZ
> BjRIe/cEZUTE6+nLyqwzwFWGVVYhKgdnjFngsA3A9QzccL0vOFOEO/e49OOT7utk
> 0aRJJdGniSCyVwiSfPrJxRFfxpEQoWEaheyxPq8VTK4XHZ7ZwbhxRFfdr4uPWzOJ
> L0FjRzHPTaq6P/3yFcO7zXuZfFa/uB6x/X7HlOacBAzmCSIolATxMGgLplXYv0Wp
> UjbtXJXr/8cv03pk+h4AJ97/ZET282x18OVqRRIiz+Ufi2nSv3I=
> =BGH/
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Tim Biermann
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