[clc-devel] 1.3 status

Per Liden per at fukt.bth.se
Sat Dec 6 22:17:18 UTC 2003

On Sat, 6 Dec 2003, Victor wrote:

> Great news. Per, is there a page that lists devices configured in the
> default kernel?

Yes, see the handbook, section 2.1 (is has been updated to reflect 1.3).

> Were you able to include usb storage and some
> networking, as well as those extra scsi/raid storage devices?

Yes, http://ftp.fukt.bth.se/pub/os/linux/crux/latest/ChangeLog lists
additions to the 1.3 ISO kernel.

Not sure which drivers you refer to with "those extra scsi/raid storage

> Perhaps why not have two kernels, one the general one, and one that has
> EVERYTHING and lilo can have a menu for users to select which one they
> want to use.

I'm not sure I see the advantage of having two kernels?

As I've said before I don't mind adding more drivers to the current
kernel, just send me (tested) patches. Problem is, people never send me
any patches.


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