[clc-devel] CLC Build results

Tilman Sauerbeck tilman at code-monkey.de
Mon Dec 8 17:52:48 UTC 2003

Logan Ingalls <log at plutor.org> [2003-12-06 15:28]:

> Since Simone does not have time to do another build, does someone with
> 1.3-test1 think they could try to install my packages again?  I'm pretty
> sure they all work fine, now.
>   xdaliclock - Was mis-tagged (ugh)
>   sodipodi - Was depending on libxml, should have been libxml2
>   gkrellflynn - Md5sum was wrong

These build cleanly.

>   electricsheep - Python was broken before
>   expect - Also python
>   sdl_net - libsdl

I didn't test those.


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