[clc-devel] Port updates

Johannes Winkelmann jw at tks6.net
Tue Dec 16 12:28:13 UTC 2003

Hey everyone,

after rejecting the 2nd non-member post with updated ports from
unmaintained I'm wondering whether we should make a note on
clc.berlios.de about our policy regarding updating ports.
IIRC the basic idea was to keep unmaintained untouched and only change
contrib... I know this didn't work (I have myself updated unmaintained
ports at times to make the build again), but I'm not a fan of accepting
changes against unmaintained before we have guidelines for submitting
them (what to include, format etc).

I guess it's time to remember Markus' mail [1] and consider dropping
unmaintained completely. We have three kind of ports right now:
1. contrib
2. unmaintained (but updated)
3. unmaintained and forgotten

I see basically two approaches: 
a) we allow external contributors to send back their changes (which will
require a well defined procedure) 

b) we move port in 2. into our personal httpup repos and invite everyone
to participate ports using httpup as well, covering all ports which are
currently in unmaintained and updated at times. Like this, we only loose
those ports which aren't in use.
We should then probably consider a better way to list httpup repos,
maybe even searchable; maybe a little repo browser tool in Ruby?

To me, this is just a discussion about the idea behind CLC; to me, it is
to provide good ports, therefore I'm all in favor of Plan B :-)

Comments appreciated
Best regards, Johannes

  1 http://lists.berlios.de/pipermail/clc-devel/2003-October/000141.html
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