[clc-devel] External Packagers, take two

Daniel Mueller danm at gmx.li
Thu Apr 8 15:34:40 UTC 2004


> - I'm not sure if it is a good idea to have a unmaintained
>    collection at all, at least for me unmaintained ports
>    are a last-resort-handle-with-care thing.

Yep, I think so too. Let us remove 'unmaintained' completely. Most of
these ports are available via private httpup repositories.
> - I was thinking of httpup-ng more as a way of improving
>    the quality of /contrib: if I trust an external contributor,
>    and I think he has some valuable port,
>    I'd prefer to maintain the port rather than throwing it into
>    unmaintained. 

I would put 'external' ports in contrib as well because IF I decide to
include Johny User's port I'd test it before.

> I personally would like such an system, maybe even if I'm working 
> just as maintainer for a package which is maintained by a non-CLC
> person.

I've at least one port which isn't maintained by myself. I'll use
httpup-ng if possible (the current packager needs to setup a httpup
repository ;-)

bye, danm

Daniel Mueller
Berlin, Germany		(OpenPGP:  1024D/126EC290)

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