[clc-devel] External Packagers, take two

Juergen Daubert Juergen.Daubert at t-online.de
Thu Apr 8 19:24:32 UTC 2004

On Wed, Apr 07, 2004 at 00:10:38AM +0200, Johannes Winkelmann wrote:

> I personally would like such an system, maybe even if I'm working 
> just as maintainer for a package which is maintained by a non-CLC
> person. It would improve the value of the unmaintained collection and
> would allow us to remove ports which haven't been changed in $TIME from
> the repository since we're sure no one cared to update this one. And
> finally, people could actually contribute changes back.

Yep, seems to be the best way to solve the unmaintained "problem",
and I would spent some time and effort into solving this.

After discussing this topic together with Johannes and Daniel, 
Johannes has prepared a short wiki page with our thoughts [1]. 
We would really appreciate comments from other clc maintainers.

kind regards

[1] http://crux.fh-regensburg.de/cgi-bin/cvstrac/wiki?p=CollectionPolicy

juergen.daubert at t-online.de

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