[clc-devel] Dependency graphs

Logan Ingalls log at plutor.org
Tue Apr 27 19:39:39 UTC 2004

While trying to learn graphviz, I decided to try to make dependency graphs
in order to teach myself the scripting language.  I ended up writing a
script and building a graph for every non-unmaintained package.  You can
check them out here:


Some of the graphs are pretty nice, for instance 'ogle'.  Some are
downright complex, particularly the gnome packages, like gnome-media.  I
tried to make a graph that included all of the packages, but the
50000-pixel-wide image crashed X.

The collection color code is:
 * Base: black
 * Opt: blue
 * Contrib: green
 * Unmaintained: red

Packages that I have installed are bold.  I've included Jürgen's opt
dependencies list in the configuration, but I'm not entirely sure that
that's 100% accurate or complete.  But it's good enough.

I just thought you guys might be interested in taking a look at these,
they're not necessarily _good_ for anything.

(I'd checkin a graphviz port, but I had to do some hacking of the tk port
to get graphviz to compile right.  I think there's a long-standing bug
involving include paths, but I need to do some more fiddling before I can
make a recommendation to Martin.)


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