[clc-devel] httpup repositories and unmaintained (next try) [long]

Victor victord at v600.net
Sat Aug 21 20:01:38 UTC 2004

Johannes Winkelmann wrote:
> Hi there,

Well, I wanted to write so as to not look as though I wasn't 
participating at all, but I have mixed feelings about this. It seems to 
me the "right" way of doing this is to do  web service type 
architecture, where people just log in, upload their ports, and then the 
system can sort them out and send them to clients that connect via curl 
and request data.

However since this system would require some development and effort, and 
noone (including myself) can/want allocate time to it, this sounds ok to 
me, I am just not sure this would scale or solve/automate the current 


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