[clc-devel] httpup repositories and unmaintained (next try) [long]

Tilman Sauerbeck tilman at code-monkey.de
Sat Aug 21 22:57:41 UTC 2004

Daniel Mueller <danm at gmx.li> [2004-08-22 00:08]:
> > What I'd like to suggest differs a bit from my httpup mirror service
> > proposal I wrote to crux@ a while ago and is rather what Jay Dolan
> > suggested: Create a new httpup collection, called 'people'
> > [..]
> The 'people' collection might be a good idea, but we should consider the
> security aspect. I mean, do you trust in everybodys ports ? By running a
> simple 'prt-get install <portname>' you can easily invite Harry H4cker.

That's not worse than the current situation with unmaintained, is it?
Of course we should make sure users know that "people" might include
flawed ports - that they aren't checked by CLC.

I don't think security is a problem here.

> I remember that we used to have an 'unstable' tree some time ago. A lot
> of us are using 'special' ports which don't really fit into 'contrib'.
> For example, I've made an RPM port which is definitely not a candidate
> for 'contrib' :-) but I take care of version updates. Robert's udev
> is(/was) another example - many people are currently using it - but it's
> in unmaintained because Robert doesn't think it's stable enough. So, if
> we decide to revive 'unstable' I would place special stuff there.

Yeah, this seems to be a better place to put stuff like udev etc.
Why was the unstable collection removed?

I like the original idea as a convenience thing for the user and as long
as it's made clear that the "people" collection contains ports that
aren't reviewed by CLC, I don't see a problem there either.


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