[clc-devel] libgsf name change:

Nick Steeves Nick.Steeves at shaw.ca
Mon Dec 6 03:25:32 UTC 2004

It's been over two weeks since I opened ticket #37.  I still haven't heard 
back from Jaeger.  The impact of the name change of libgsf, to gnome-libgsf 
is minimal.  Affected ports are:


The slim version of libgsf only depends on glib, and libxml2; and is far more 
appropriate as a dependency of libwv2.

The only issue I can think of, is that of a user who decides to rebuild all 
installed ports.  His current libgsf would be replaced by the new/basic 
libgsf, which might cause other GNOME packages to fail.  I would imagine that 
a user who would rebuild their system "for the fun of it" or "for new 
optimizations" would also be knowledgeable enough to post a ticket or message 
to the mailing list?  He would then be made aware of the change to 

Can I go ahead and:
1. cp libgsf to gnome-libgsf
2. commit my basic libgsf
3. email maol and pazo to tell them about the changes


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