[clc-devel] CRUXCon 2004 results

ncrfgs ncrfgs at tin.it
Wed Dec 22 12:18:04 UTC 2004

On Wed, Dec 22, 2004 at 10:14:05AM +0100, Johannes Winkelmann wrote:
> Please take the time to read it and ask, since the document is a really
> short summary only. Personally, I think that if we manage to follow this
> plan, 2005 will be a step forward for both CLC and CRUX. I hope you see
> it the same way!

- "Look into distributed revision control to enable non 
  686 architectures"

  What do you mean with `distributed control version 

- "accept non 686 subprojects if they are CRUX compatible"

  Could you please define `CRUX compatible'?

- "define index file for additional ISOs which can be used 
  by the installer do provide an extended package..."

  I'm not sure but maybe that is a typo.

- Has been the `license' issue discussed further?


- What about the `nvhelper.sh file' issue we discussed 
  some time ago?

  Since this file does contain code that it is somehow 
  executed, shouldn't it be include in the Pkgfile source 
  array and be given an md5sum?


- Is the `Depends on' tag the definitive solution to the 
  dependencies issue?

  Will the `Depends on' tag still include `Nice to have' 
  packages instead of only the real dependecies?

- Will the, let's say, new `entity' born from the fusion 
  of CRUX and the CLC, share the "keep it simple" and 
  "what can't be done in a simple and nice way shouldn't 
  be done at all" philosophy some of us love so much?

  Aren't a lot of (or at least some of) the initiatives 
  resulted from the Crux Con following a different 

- Now that the CruxCON2004 is far away I'd like to ask you 
  a question...

  Wouldn't have been nice to invite CRUX PPC developers, 
  too? Actually, giulivo has been invited but (I quote Per 
  Liden) "only as a person, not as a developer".


- In the end... Has it been the CruxCON2004 or the 

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.
Value your freedom, or you will lose it, teaches history. 
``Don't bother us with politics,'' respond those who don't 
want to learn.

 -- Richard M. Stallman
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