[clc-devel] CRUXCon 2004 results

Jay Dolan jasonthomasdolan at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 22 20:05:00 UTC 2004


Why don't you just admit that you personally dislike
and do not trust the CLC?  You're not being very
subtle at tip-toeing around it.  It's okay - it's not
like anyone hasn't figured it out yet.  Just say "I
don't like CLC.  I think I should have been invited to
CruxCon to make sure my agendas were met.  Etc etc.." 
To which the CLC might reply, "That's fine if you do
not like the CLC.  We make no effort to influence or
meddle with your project.  Please do the same for us,"
and "You were not invited because you are not on the
CLC."  It's fairly simple.  If you'd like to attend,
submit an application for CLC maintainership.  If
you're accepted, and do your part for the project, you
will of course be welcome to attend the next meeting.

The bottom line is that the CLC project is naturally
more closely tied to CRUX than PPC/IT because 1) it is
for the same architecture and 2) it is documented and
converses in the same language (English).  I can
understand that those points may frustrate you some,
but that's the reality of the situation.

Aside from that, you've been somewhat antagonistic in
the past (and present).  What cptn was trying to
politely imply before is that we didn't want any
bitching and moaning at the very first meeting.  We
had precious little time, and we wanted to use it
efficiently.  Personally, I didn't fly 9 hours each
way to hear someone cry about "GNU/Linux."  Ya feelin'

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