[clc-devel] Ports reorganisation?

Daniel Mueller danm at gmx.li
Mon Jan 5 21:37:01 UTC 2004

Hi Simone,

On Mon, 05 Jan 2004 01:11:37 +0100
Simone Rota <sip at varlock.com> wrote:

> [*** unmaintained ***]
> Some time ago we discussed about a possible removal of the
> /unmaintained collection; I suggest to open up the previous
> to casual contributors and not-so-tested ports, in an effort
> to unify the many spotted httpup collections.

I personally vote for removing 'unmaintained' completely. I'm a big fan
of httpup repositories, because they're giving a wide range of people
the chance to distribute their ports. Not every user has (shell-)
access to a server for running cvsupd. Webspace is cheap & everywhere

> (Who cares, you'll say)
> As a CLC maintainer I found that having a separate repository
> often ends up with duplicated ports, de-centralization, etc.

De-centralization would be okay - but we need a central index of all

Daniel Mueller
Berlin, Germany		(OpenPGP:  1024D/126EC290)

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