[clc-devel] Ports reorganisation?

Tilo Riemer riemer at ppprs1.phy.tu-dresden.de
Fri Jan 9 12:29:38 UTC 2004


> I've discussed with Jürgen and Martin regarding unmaintained, and I now
> think that we should keep it and define a procedure to allow submission
> of changes back to it. This is because of the higher level of trust
> because someone from CLC at least _looked_ at it ("many eyes" as Martin
> called this). IMHO this is a very good argument.
> The important thing here is to make sure that applying submitted changes
> is really simple and that a lot of checks are done by scripts (e.g.
> footprints).

Who should be able to submit changes? If someone can change Pkgfile he
should also be able to change footprints. And he could replace a link with a
link pointing at a backdoor...

Best regards, Tilo

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