[clc-devel] crux-ports-database

Till Biedermann tillbiedermann at yahoo.de
Fri Jan 9 23:54:30 UTC 2004


i am working on a database for crux-ports.

this database shoud not be for cvs-ports, because they are easy to
browse, search and use with prt-get and the list at clc.berlios.de.

but when you need a progam that is not a cvs port, you have to search
all websites where ports are avalible or install all httup repositorys.
and httups are not so easy to handle with prt-get.

that is no good solution imho.

i know that there are several solutions in discusion and that a 'real'
linux-tool would be the best way.
but i think it would be nice to have a database where every ever created
port for crux is listed. this is especially  for new crux users a good
thing. so they can see if the software they need is avalible.

so here is my suggestion:


it is at the moment only filled with dummies for testing.
everybody who makes ports for the software he uses could enter his port
in the database.
updating and deleting entries is also possible.

now only a search function is nessesary (the front end is already

so please tell me your opinion.

regards till

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