[clc-devel] crux-ports-database

Johannes Winkelmann jw at tks6.net
Sat Jan 10 12:49:11 UTC 2004

Hi Till,

On Sat, Jan 10, 2004 at 00:54:30 +0100, Till Biedermann wrote:
> hi
> i am working on a database for crux-ports.

> this database shoud not be for cvs-ports, because they are easy to
> browse, search and use with prt-get and the list at clc.berlios.de.
Mmmh, I think there should be only one search page for everything,
including CVSup ports. Unfortunately our disk quota at Berlios is not
large enough to host such a database there. If we can find a solution
for that, I'd gladly contribute the current implemention of the search
Especially for new users it's very confusing to have many search

> i know that there are several solutions in discusion and that a 'real'
> linux-tool would be the best way.
Well, a web based solution is nice because you can access it from any

> so here is my suggestion:
> http://www.polarhome.com:793/~till
> it is at the moment only filled with dummies for testing.
> everybody who makes ports for the software he uses could enter his port
> in the database.
I'd rather go for a database which is generated from the ports, not
updated by users. If you look at it from a packagers view, it's
duplicate work if you have to update the web entry for every change you
do in a Pkgfile. There seems to be such an index of httpup repos

Well, I'm looking forward to some other comments though :-)
Best regards, Johannes
Johannes Winkelmann              mailto:jw at tks6.net
Biel, Switzerland                http://jw.tks6.net

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