[clc-devel] crux-ports-database

Till Biedermann tillbiedermann at yahoo.de
Sun Jan 11 17:24:51 UTC 2004


now the first fully usable version is ready.


containing all (nearly all) avalible ports. the database is searchable
by port-names and repositories. the database is simply updated by
submitting the URL to the httpup file of the repository.

known problems:

-the server currently hosting the database is often very slow.
-if the description of the port in the Pkgfile contains signs that php
interprets as string-end an sql-syntax error appears and this port is
not added to the database.
-a serious problem, that i cant understand is that the
unmaintained-repository cant be updated.
because there are no problems with the other cvs-repositories i guess
that this problem is not caused by my script.

regards till 

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