[clc-devel] Ports reorganisation?

Martin Opel martin.opel at informatik.fh-regensburg.de
Wed Jan 14 08:08:52 UTC 2004

I'm sorry for the late reply, too. I have the following suggestions:

1. unmaintained: we remove it from cvs and copy the plain files to a
http-repository. from then on it is distributed by httpup. Without the
pros and cons of cvs.

2. We write a php upload page on crux.fh-regensburg.de, where users can
upload new ports (as gzipped tarfiles). The files run through a few sanity
checks and go directly to the direcory from point 1. The web gui should
have the following features: upload a port with information about the
date, all other information can be read out of the Pkgfile headers; remove port.
So *everybody* can upload a port to the server and
*everybody* can remove every port. Could this work (wiki concept)?

3. If a maintainer wants a port of this "everybody can do
everything"-repository in contrib, the he can remove it and put it into

I could write a part of the php code, but I have not much time the next



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