[clc-devel] Ports reorganisation?

Till Biedermann tillbiedermann at yahoo.de
Wed Jan 14 11:48:38 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-01-14 at 10:07, Johannes Winkelmann wrote:

> Of course, the problem of duplicates needs some rules. IMO packagers
> should discuss how to merge their ports (of they're not equal) and
> discuss their differences to get a common solution. I'm not quite sure
> though what to do if they fail to find a consensus:
> .....
> In the end I think it's not a bad approach to have duplicates and
> discuss them in a dedicated mailing list, as you can learn a lot from
> other packagers.

I agree.
I dont think duplicate ports are a problem, as  long as they use
different configure-options (for example --enable_kde) or a binay- and a
source-version AND the used options should be documented in a
So everybody can decide for his own which port he uses.

> Of course, the httpup approach has some problem as well; packager can
> disappear, but they're httpup repos are still online. In such cases,
> we'd need to stop updating from his repo to allow others to maintain his
> ports... we could require all maintainer to visit an URL with id every
> month to make sure they're alive.

That's why in my opinion the best solution is to have one point, where
everything is avalible:

-the information of the port
-and the port its self (maybe as gzip file). so you dont have to
download a complete repository only for using one port.

btw: any comments or improvment suggestions for my database?


(here is a xhtml-preview:
not yet xhtml strict valid)

regards till

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