[clc-devel] Freetye 2.1.7 issues

Simone Rota sip at varlock.com
Thu Jan 22 04:48:19 UTC 2004


I found the new freetype (>=2.1.6) could break quite a number
of packages:

I noticed the issue today while packaging fltk .Since the
include method for freetupe is changed, the ports should be upgraded
or patched.
Ie: possibly affected ports are imagemagick, wine.
Xft and related ports are a problem as well since xft it's linked to

I only tested fltk and imagemagick, I can confirm that
on my machine freetype2/xft are dubbed unusable by the configure

Quite a mess, uh?


Simone Rota           WEB : http://www.varlock.com
Bergamo, Italy        MAIL: sip at varlock.com

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