[clc-devel] clc ports and crux ppc

Robert McMeekin rrm3 at rrm3.org
Tue Jul 20 23:56:14 UTC 2004

* ncrfgs <ncrfgs at tin.it> [2004-07-07 23:18]:
> On 07/02/04 2i1:27:14, Daniel Mueller wrote:
> > Aside from this, I (personally) would like to know WHO actually
> > plays with the CVS. I mean I know you, because I heard you in IRC &
> > mailing lists and I saw some of your Pkgfiles etc. But who else is
> > 'we' ?
> The two users account would be for giulivo and me. Maybe rrm3, jaeger
> and you already know me.

Just to keep this thread alive until something happens, I confirm
knowing them.  (-;

// Rob

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