[clc-devel] clc ports and crux ppc

Giulivo Navigante giulivonavigante at tiscali.it
Wed Jul 28 09:31:27 UTC 2004

On 07/24/04 16:28:32, Johannes Winkelmann wrote:
> Hi,


> We're not actively looking for a solution to integrate your ports tough,  
> but of course, you're invited to do so.

yep, we should spend more of us time in this problem. an old proposal (e.g.  
the .$ARCH extensions) demanded changes in the pkgutils, but Per also  
prefer a "server side" solution
> We (the maintainers I've discussed this with so far, not CLC as an
> entity) would suggest that you maintain PPC specific ports (yaboot etc)
> and ports from CLC which require changes to work on PPC (mplayer,
> openoffice-bin etc) in your own repository, so CRUX PPC users can get
> your tree and the one from CLC and have all ports in a working state;
> they just have to look in your ports directory first.

this can be a _temporary_ solution, for me, using also mppm
> If there are ports which don't work on PPC because the they are x86
> specific without good reasons (like hardcoded CFLAGS and the like),
> please report this as a bug and we'll try to fix it.

oh, sure :)

thank you for your help, regards
Giulivo Navigante
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