[clc-devel] [port update] Several updates for unmaintaned:

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Sat Jun 5 07:25:22 UTC 2004

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Description: http://members.shaw.ca/nick.steeves/sten.httpup

1:koffice 1.3.1
1:ltris 1.0.6

User: anonymous


Remark: .footprint mostly missing (e.g. quanta, plucker, ..){linebreak}
lm_sensors has{linebreak}
drwxr-xr-x	root/root	lib/modules/2.4.22/{linebreak}
instead of{linebreak}
drwxr-xr-x	root/root	lib/modules/<kernel-version>/

_2004-Jun-05 08:05:01 by anonymous:_ {linebreak}
Sorry about the .footprints.  Those are fixed now.  That lm_sensors was a work-in-progress, mistakingly added.

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