[clc-devel] [port update] gqview

Simone Rota sip at varlock.com
Wed Jun 16 13:29:12 UTC 2004

On 06/13/04 09:43 Johannes Winkelmann wrote:

> I closed all three bug reports which are missing a URL to an httpup
> repo. Unfortunately, they don't contain a contact information either; if
> this kind of "port update" spam continues to be submitted, we might
> reconsider the submission policy.

Hi everybody,

there's a bunch of new tickets (87..92) with no contact information,
no httpup repo for unmaintained, wrong type, etc.

Btw, what to do with contrib summissions / request for
updates? The submission rules explain that it's better
to contact the maintainer directly. Shall we make
this rule more strict?

Apart from that, I think a redefinition of ticket types
would make the submission process a bit more clear:

- Defect/update in contrib port (if we want this)
- Defect/update in unmaintained port
- Documentation

Just an idea,


Simone Rota           WEB : http://www.varlock.com
Bergamo, Italy        MAIL: sip at varlock.com

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