[clc-devel] cvs anonymous access

Giulivo Navigante giulivonavigante at tiscali.it
Wed Jun 16 19:17:56 UTC 2004

hi all,
here at CRUX PPC we have troubles with cvsup/cm3 (the only modula3 compiler  
that works on PPC_LINUX) on systems with newer glibc (nptl).

i'm writing a "driver" for "ports" that uses the normal cvs client to sync  
the local repository with the remote files instead of cvsup... seems it  
works well. it require an anonymous access to the cvs server, we're testing  
it for PPC base and opt ports collection from the sunsite's cvs server.

we have in mind to include it in the upcoming CRUX PPC 2.0 release instead  
of cvsup, so can we have an anonymous access to the CLC ports repository?

cptn on freenode has told to me that you're using cvs on ssh, it's not a  
problem, we can work on the "driver" to works throught ssh.

thank you, regards
Giulivo Navigante
GnuPG KeyID: E468396A
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