[clc-devel] contrib<-alternative_repos

Robert McMeekin rrm3 at rrm3.org
Sun Jun 27 19:59:15 UTC 2004

Hey guys,

Some of you may have seen the alternative_repos port by Han Boetes in
his httpup repository [1].  So, I'd like to add this to contrib so that
the next time I change my repo (or even if someone else changes their
repo), the changes can get properly propagated.  Also, if more people
tracked the port their might be a little less duplication and maybe even
some consolidation of ports, which would be a good benefit.

If there are no big implementation issues that anyone can point out, I
plan to add this port, with Han's permission, to contrib at the end of
the week.

// Rob

[1] http://www.xs4all.nl/~hanb/software/crux/han.httpup

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