[clc-devel] Migration plan for CRUX 2.0

Giulivo Navigante giulivonavigante at tiscali.it
Mon May 3 15:56:43 UTC 2004

On 05/03/04 15:55:14, Per Liden wrote:
> I would appreciate any ideas anyone might have
> regarding this, not just about the upgrade part and how to make that
> "safe", but also about the normal "install from scratch" procedure.

about install from scratch i think that a precompiled kernel makes the  
install procedure more fast and easy

in order i think that an "installed system" should be ever upgradable to  
"current" release throught the ports system and without any cdrom... so the  
online iso should be only a snapshot of the "current" crux version

Giulivo Navigante
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