[clc-devel] missing packages.

Robert McMeekin rrm3 at rrm3.org
Fri May 21 02:27:31 UTC 2004

-- missing packages
shared-mime-info from gnome-mime-data
netpbm from xscreensaver
j2re from firefox-java-plugin
gtk2 from gqview
gal from gtkhtml
xfree86 from mod_php_complete
freetype2 from mod_php_complete
shared-mime-info from rox
xfree86 from tightvnc
xfree86 from xemacs

shared-mime-info and netpbm built fine for me.  The rest were just
simple changes, so I went on and made them.  I don't mean to step on
anyone's toes, I'm just trying to save everybody some time.  Anyway, I
haven't done anything with j2re, because I don't know anything about
that.  And gal, well, I have an update for that one...

$ cvs tag -c -F CONTRIB-2_0 shared-mime-info netpbm
$ sed -i 's/xfree86/x11/' ...
$ sed -i 's/gtk2/gtk/' ...
$ sed -i 's/freetype2/freetype/' ...
$ cvs commit -m "fix depends" ... etc.

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