[clc-devel] Build results

Simone Rota sip at varlock.com
Sat May 22 12:33:51 UTC 2004

Hi everybody,

many of the CLC maintainers already know that at
http://www.varlock.com/clcuild there's a summary of
the automated build process for clc ports.

First of all, congratulations to all maintainers,
I got 356 ok / 47 failed,
last time (crux 1.3) we had 306 / 240, I think
this is a symptom the quality of ports is raising up.

Even better, many of the failing ports are not
related to the port itself (ie: sourceforge
temporarily down, sendmail conflicting with exim,

I tried to categorize the errors here:

Some general analysis:

- As written before, sourceforge hates me so some
   port simply failed to dowload
- We should not worry too much about footprint
   mismatches (except for my port xpdf where
   xpdf itself is missing :)).
   Some adjustement in dep order could solve
   the issues (ie: kdeaddons)
- A bunch of ports (notably apache and friends)
   failed bcause of hostname -f didn't return
   a valid full qualified hostname. Most of them
   are in the 'pre-post' dir since I see certificate
   generation for apache as an action outside of
   the package.
- Gnome related ports are the great masters of
   missing deps, and this is obvious since the
   gnome platform is made up of a gazillion
   libs :)
- Myfault dir contains local errors / stupid things
   (ie: cvstrac already installed, no linux link
   in /usr/src, etc).

Hope this is useful, looking forward to further improve
the script and run it every while (ie 15 days).
As said before, the idea is to have a periodic
full build, which maintainers can consult every
while (without further noise on the mailing list,
I promise).
Suggestions on how to minimize the errors
(ie: ignore / categorize footprint mismatches?)
are welcome, the script is here:


Simone Rota           WEB : http://www.varlock.com
Bergamo, Italy        MAIL: sip at varlock.com

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