[clc-devel] Build results

Victor victord at jafa.homeip.net
Sun May 23 17:14:18 UTC 2004

Tilman Sauerbeck wrote:
> Victor <victord at jafa.homeip.net> [2004-05-23 09:39]:
>>So if anyone can go out of their way and test the following ports (after 
>>doing ports -u):
>>gtk-engines-thinice (Robert, I took over this one to complete the set)
> Slight footprint mismatches here, since you compiled the engines with
> GTK 2.2.0, but CRUX 2.0 ships with GTK 2.4.0.
> Replace 2.2.0 by 2.4.0 in the footprints and you should be set.
> If you want, I can fix that.

Oh, yeah 2.4... will alter...
As far as the other two, I will fix them then commit them. Didn't want 
to commit crashy ports. We got standards to maintain here :)

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