[clc-devel] Email format in Pkgfile

Simone Rota sip at varlock.com
Mon Nov 15 08:16:48 UTC 2004

On 13/11/2004 18:48 Daniel Mueller wrote:
> Hi guys,

Hey Daniel,

> I'm thinking of changing the email address in our Pkgfiles to a more
> 'web-friendly' format:
> Joe User (joe at mail dot net)
> I've realized that a simple search query by google prints out our
> email addresses :-( 
> I prefer spam[1] refrigerated. What do you guys think?

Yes. This is definitely a problem for me.
The spam amount I get at my varlock.com address passed
from 'near to zero' to 'way too much' since I've been
using it in Pkgfiles.

I wonder if the format you propose will suffice since
many spiders are now clever enough to detect the most
common anti-spam obfuscation techniques.


Simone Rota           WEB : http://www.varlock.com
Bergamo, Italy        MAIL: sip at varlock.com

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