[clc-devel] CRUX mascot?

Nick Steeves Nick.Steeves at shaw.ca
Sun Nov 21 09:23:06 UTC 2004

On November 20, 2004 11:37, Victor wrote:
> http://www.nfl.com/ (scroll down) has very good logos (obviously). I
> think could be a cool idea starting point.
> Something cool, but mean looking (and would look good on a tshirt).
> Is there a mean moose around? Maybe a mean falcon. angry hedgehog?
> Hedgehog doesn't sound like a bad idea...

Why the negative emotion?  Should CRUX really be associated with meanness and 
anger?  Doesn't using CRUX put you in a satisfied mood?  The floating GNU is 
already taken, and we definitely shouldn't choose a mascot which represents 
the bovine qualities of its users.  (*cough*Larry-the-Cow)

Google image search for "intelligent animal" turns up a few hundred, but it 
was the raccoon which caught my eye.  Raccoons can be foaming-at-the-mouth 
angry, given the right conditions--or can be peaceful scavengers with the 
decency to wash their food.  They have teeth which grow for their entire 
lives, which could symbolize "keeping their skills sharp".  Black "raccoon 
eyes" from staying up too late trying to get broken software to compile. :-)  
Scavenging nature, where they take things from their environment--downloading 
our sources from other people's mirrors--they don't mind, and if they did 
we'd go somewhere else.

The only serious problem with the raccoon, is that most people see him as a 
pest.  Many Linux users see the plethora of minor distro's as pests, so 
perhaps their is a parallel here too?  Is it a positive or a negative one?

Raccoons can be printed on a gray or black t-shirt with just two colours of 
ink.  (if t-shirt is gray, use black & white ink.  If t-shirt is black, use 
gray & white).  This makes it cheaper to make t-shirts, mugs, etc.

Lastly, the raccoon is similar in spirit to Puffy the Blowfish, because he can 
look both cute, or angry/mean. (though mean is the exception for reasons that 
should be biologically obvious...rabies.  We don't want to bankrupt CISCO, 
replace windows, or take over the world, so probably shouldn't adopt a 
predator as a mascot.  IMHO, intelligence and cuteness are essential for a 

On the other hand, the moose has the capability to look stoic.  I could live 
with being identified with a stoic moose.  Caribou exist as for food for 
others, so that's a definite no.  The beaver logo is already used by Roots, 
and is liable to be interpreted as such within Canada.  The moose is used by 
Moosehead, a good Lager from the maritime province of New Brunswick--though 
if we used a comic moose, that wouldn't be an issue.  (and since it's a good 
beer, the logo is bearable)

Canine domesticus was already claimed by YellowDog.  A flying fish, perhaps?  
Maybe some kind of bird?  Are raccoons considered seriously offensive in 
anyone's culture?  I'm drawing most of my "visible animals" with a, perhaps, 
Canadian bias.  Raccoons exist all over most of North-of-the-Mediterranean 
Europe though, right?  Oops, I just checked--they don't.  Introduced to 
Germany in 1934, they are now an urban plague.  They're apparently going to 
conquer continental Europe.  They're not a predator, but will conquer.  Is 
this a desirable trait?  "Viral GPL spreads across the continent, infecting 
European programmers everywhere.  Remember kids, don't touch raccoons, they 
carry the Free Software virus".  Perhaps this would make the raccoon a great 
conversation starter in continental Europe?  Is that the purpose of a t-shirt 

Here are some links to decent raccoon photos/caricatures:

A skinny one:


Intelligent, alert, and standing on two legs! (photo):

http://www.exzooberance.com/virtual zoo/they walk/raccoon/Raccoon 42009.jpg

Honestly, I could probably live with the moose, so long has he has intelligent 
eyes, rather then deer or cow eyes.  Biologically, humans are WAY closer to 
the raccoon.  Actually, IIRC, outside of humans and orangutans, raccoons are 
the only living creature with an opposable thumb.  Nope, I just checked 

Available are:

Moose is quite tasty, in case you haven't had the opportunity to try it.  
Definitely the tastiest game, imho.  (better then deer, any fowl, elk...maybe 
not caribou.  Haven't had the chance to try boar.)  There's not a chance in 
the world that I'd touch anything with a hyper-combative mascot on it.


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