[clc-devel] CRUX mascot?

Nick Steeves Nick.Steeves at shaw.ca
Mon Nov 29 10:48:54 UTC 2004

What about something geometric and neutral like the Ubuntu logo?  Crux linux 
would need a four piece one, with two main gaps coming together at the crux, 
or center of the logo.  I have no idea what colours or shapes would be used 

On November 19, 2004 3:35, Simone Rota wrote:
> Hi there,
> I know this isn't exactly a top priority,
> but what about having our own mascot?
> I was thinking of a moose* such as (merely for giving an idea):
> http://www.varlock.com/images/moose01.jpg
>    or
> http://www.varlock.com/images/moose02.jpg
> but in SVG format and painted with a style close to the gimp's wilber:
> http://www.varlock.com/images/wilber.png
> I have a couple of friends that are very good artists
> and would be happy (I hope!) to contribute.
> What do you think about the idea?
> Regards,
> Simone
> * I've heard they live in Sweden, even if I didn't see
>    any in Stockholm Center :)

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