[clc-devel] ports in contrib depending on ports in unmaintained

Jukka Heino vector at pp.nic.fi
Fri Oct 8 07:05:23 UTC 2004


When building every single port in contrib I noticed that some of them 
depend on packages that either don't exist or are unmaintained. In my 
opinion contrib shouldn't depend on having unmaintained available. I 
usually even disable unmaintained completely on my systems so some ports 
in contrib fail because of this.

- bmp depends on libglade (unmaintained)
- electricsheep depends on xscreensaver (unmaintained)
- gal depends on libgnomeprintui and libgnomeui (unmaintained)
- madwifi depends on linux (doesn't exist)
- nicotine depends on pygtk (unmaintained)
- obconf depends on libglade and startup-notification (unmaintained)
- ogle depends on libglade (unmaintained)
- rox-clib depends on libgtop (unmaintained)
- rox-lib depends on pygtk (unmaintained)
- rss-glx depends on xscreensaver (unmaintained)
- spamassassin depends on p5-html-parser (doesn't exist)
- xautolock depends on xfree86 (should be x11)
- xblast depends on xfree86 (should be x11)
- xsoldier depends on xfree86 (should be x11)

So in my opinion maintained ports shouldn't depend on unmaintained or 
non-existant ports. The current situation is of course understandable, 
since most of the GNOME stuff isn't maintained anymore. But in general I 
propose we move towards a uniformly maintained contrib with no 
dependencies on other collections than base, opt and contrib itself.


// Jukka

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