[clc-devel] Fw: CLC maintainer ?

Daniel Mueller daniel at danm.de
Sat Oct 16 09:43:38 UTC 2004


some time ago I've asked Nick Steevens whether he would like to
become a CLC maintainer and join our team. He has a bunch of nice ports
located here: 

The main reason why I've wrote him was that he could be a big help
with KDE packages/ports (maybe he could overtake it completely..).
He sent me a lot of patches and suggestions so far and I adopted
nearly all of them. 

I'd like to see Nick in our team. You can find some information about
him on his webpage:

Needless to say that I vote for his CLC membership :)

bye, danm

Daniel Mueller
Berlin, Germany		(OpenPGP:  1024D/E4F4383A)

Begin forwarded message:

Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 23:30:32 -0600
From: Nick Steeves <nick.steeves at shaw.ca>
To: Daniel Mueller <danm at gmx.li>
Subject: Re: CLC maintainer ?

Hi Daniel,

Well, my old Athlon motherboard finally died.  A bit of debt later, and
now I have a modern system.  (Intel D865PERLX, P4 C 2.8ghz, 512MB PC400)
Needless to say, it is a very fast system--and makes the debt worth it.
:-)  The reason that this is significant, is that I think that I can
build KDE in 3 hours now.  So I can get my initial build onto my system,
test it, modify it for package standards, verify, publish...that much
faster.  Due to this phenomenal speed increase, predicted time for
turning out a solid KDE release is six hours, rather then 18-20.  To sum
things up: do to two unfortunate circumstances (hardware failure and
debt) I now have the time necessary to be able to commit to a
development position within the CLC!

My biographical information can be found at:

under the "about me" section.

KDE-3.3.1 should be ready by Fri 15 Oct 2004 09:00.  Unfortunately, I
haven't had the chance to gain any CVS experience yet.

PS:  I've already subscribed to CLC-devel.  As you are opting me in, I
would appreciate if you would forward this email to the appropriate
mailing list.

On September 22, 2004 9:28, you wrote:
> Hi Nick,
> I've seen a lot of your ports and they (mostly ;-) fit to our CLC
> port rules. Would you be interested to become a CLC maintainer ?
> I'd be happy to get some more help with KDE.
> bye, danm
> [1] http://clc.morpheus.net:6999/clc/wiki?p=MaintainerGuidelines

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