[clc-devel] Cvstrac customizations

Jay Dolan jasonthomasdolan at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 27 12:33:21 UTC 2004

--- Simone Rota <sip at varlock.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Inspired by sqlite.org cvstrac customizations, I
> started to tinker
> a little with cvstrac header/footer/css; here's a
> couple
> of static pages:
> http://www.varlock.com/tmp/clc/wiki.html
> http://www.varlock.com/tmp/clc/timeline.html
> (please forget about the temporary lame logo ripoff,
> and be glad I didn't chose this one:
> http://www.lexingtonma.org/clc/CLCLogo.gif :) )
> Nothing really exciting, I know, just a reminder of
> a possible subproject we can discuss at CRUXCon
> 2004,
> so if anybody has some idea or proposal he can
> collect them now and put them on the table when
> needed.
> Regards,
> Simone

lol, making fun of people from Massachusetts, huh? 
I'll pretend like I'm not offended..

Seriously, tho - I like your changes - particularly
the layout ones.  I wouldn't mind seeing some
*slightly* happier colors - but I could live with
those, too :)  Well done. 

Jay Dolan
Software Engineer, Systems Analyst
Windmill Cycles, Inc.

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