[clc-devel] Cvstrac customizations

Simone Rota sip at varlock.com
Thu Oct 28 07:08:50 UTC 2004

On 27/10/2004 14:33 Jay Dolan wrote:
> lol, making fun of people from Massachusetts, huh? 
> I'll pretend like I'm not offended..

Nah, just of people from Lexington :)

> Seriously, tho - I like your changes - particularly
> the layout ones.  I wouldn't mind seeing some
> *slightly* happier colors - but I could live with
> those, too :)  Well done. 

I'm trying other combinations*:

from now on experiments will follow at
http://www.varlock.com/tmp/clc, so I won't bother
you any longer with such stupid things.


* yes, I'm bored.

Simone Rota           WEB : http://www.varlock.com
Bergamo, Italy        MAIL: sip at varlock.com

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