[clc-devel] Applying to be a package maintainer

Johannes Winkelmann jw at tks6.net
Wed Sep 1 12:38:58 UTC 2004

Hi Anthony,

On Tue, Aug 31, 2004 at 09:57:32 -0700, Anthony de Almeida Lopes wrote:
> Oops thought I sent this to the list too... 
> Alright, let me qualify first before I talk about ports. For the last 3
> months I've been using my own
> distribution of Linux made. 

> I have a preliminary port of gcc-ssp  here:
> http://sonic.net/~someone/files/gcc-ssp.tar.bz2
> It's not finished right now, I'd advise against using it with ccache
> right now, although I do use it for everything it needs some more
> testing.
> The other thing I'm interest in porting right now is gaim-encryption
> (see: http://gaim-encryption.sourceforge.net) which is just a method of
> encrypting conversation over AOL's instant messaging network via gaim
> (see http://gaim.sourceforge.net), a very popular IM client for Linux. 
I'd suggest you set up a personal ports repository and start to maintain
those ports for a while. This might be one of the points where our
maintainer guidelines are unclear, but for now we try to select
maintainers which have some experience with maintainance of CRUX ports
and CRUX in general. While you seem qualified to reach that, we can
hardly judge your capabilities by a single port you call preliminary,
and ideas for ports you'd like to do. I also had the impression that you
just started with CRUX.

A few notes on your port:
- the header should only contain a single URL tag
- there are some files missing in your source line:
  - protector.dif
  - protectoronly.dif
  - protector.c and protector.h
  - ccache-gcc-ssp ccache-g++-ssp

Fixing the later will allow you to refer to those file using a correct
path; for now, your Pkgfile accesses files outside the work directory of
a port, which will fail if the pkgmk work directory is different from
the port's base directory.
Furthermore, I'm not sure if it it's possible to have source files in a
directory, but this is of course easily changed.

So please continue to build ports, publish them and maintain them for a
while, and once you're familiar with CRUX and the things surrounding it
(CLC etc.) feel free to apply again here. If you have further questions,
feel free to ask; there's also an IRC channel where many of the guys
from CLC can be found: it's #crux on irc.freenode.net.

Kind regards, Johannes
P.S. Please don't CC me when replying to the list
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