[clc-devel] Rsync for Maintainers

Victor victord at v600.net
Wed Sep 1 16:07:34 UTC 2004

Johannes Winkelmann wrote:
> Hi,
> Advantages:
> - Changes are transmitted using diffs (httpup: whole files)

Well, also clients don't have to run any servers at all.
There is a central location for all the ports (fewer downtime with 
people rebooting their boxes, not everyone has dedicated servers)

> Disadvantages:
> - Requires running a service (rsyncd)

Yeah, but on the server

> - Configurations looks rather complicated

It's not really :)

> - If a repo maintainer decides to just not update his repo anymore, we
>   have to detect that he's not accessing our repo anymore; this is a bit
>   harder in a "push" model than it is in a "pull" model (as the httpup
>   ideas implement).

Yeah, that's an issue... How is it solved now?

> - To merge those ports into one collection, you'll need another script
>   (I don't think rsync does this); therefore, you'll end up with more
>   components to maintain (rsync, script), which run independently, which
>   means that you have to manually ensure that there are no "commits" to
>   the collection while merging it (I know this is simple to do, but it
>   will cause some disk load).

Actually, I didn't think we would merge them into one collection.


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